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January 27, 2010

CCRC – When it hangs

Filed under: Source Control — idlesun @ 12:04 am

Sometimes, pretty often in my case, CCRC hangs when I do update resource or check-in/check-out multiple files on Windows. Once it hangs there is no progress. And, you can not cancel the task nor close the Eclipse. Only way is to kill Eclipse, which is kind of heavy weight solution. Light-weight solution that I found is killing attrib.exe using Windows Task Manager as shown below

If you kill attrib.exe then the hung task will go on again. Sometimes it fails with some error and in that case the specific file that caused hang may be in out-of-sync state in terms of file attribute. You can change the file attribute using file property window. So there is a risk, but this risk is there for killing whole Eclipse too. Anyway, those who have this hang problem you may want to use this trick… at your own risk.


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