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June 18, 2010

Getting Android source in Ubuntu 10.04

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While I was following the Android instruction I ran into a couple of difficulties. So here is the list of them with how I resolved.

Forcing WUBI to install 32bit version.

I used Ubuntu Windows Installer (WUBI). It really simplified Windows-Ubuntu dual-boot setup. However, on my desktop it automatically choose 64bit Ubuntu without asking me. According to Android instruction 32-bit Ubuntu is preferred. So, I had to use command line option to install 32-bit Ubuntu using WUBI. From Windows command prompt, run

> wubi.exe --32bit

For more on WUBI: Wubi Guide.

Couldn’t find package git-core

Right after Ubuntu installation, if you follow Android instruction to install required packages then this error may occur. Then run this:

> sudo apt-get update

Couldn’t find package sun-java5-jdk

This will occur because Ubutu 10 comes with jdk 6. I followed the instruction on

Making sure PATH includes ~/bin

Once ~/bin is created, at home run:

> source .profile
> echo $PATH

Now, following Android instruction was good enough to finish the task.


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