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February 8, 2010

Windows 7 blue screen with ndis.sys error

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Blue is one of most scary colors when it comes to Windows and it is still true for Windows 7 64bit. Yesterday, I got the blue screen right after uninstalling evaluation copy of Norton Security software from my new VAIO laptop. Windows did boot up only in safe mode without network. Luckily, with help of the messages in the blue screen and a couple of related posts on the Web, I managed to fix it. Here are the steps I did:

  1. Boot Windows in Safe Mode (without network).
  2. Open Device Manager and disable all network adapters.
  3. Reboot Windows in normal mode and see if it boots up this time (If it doesn’t boot up, too bad).
  4. Open Device Manager and enable network adapters one by one starting from most suspicious one. In my case, the blue screen came up again when wireless network adapter is enabled.
  5. Boot Windows with only good network adapter enabled. update or reinstall the driver of problematic network adapter from its vendor’s Web site (In my case, I could use Internet using Ethernet cable).
  6. Reboot Windows. No blue.

This procedure may not work for all ndis.sys related blue screen, but the point I learned is “identify the problematic device driver first and then update or reinstall it“.


January 10, 2010

When IE doesn’t run on Windows 7 64bit

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My new Sony laptop came with Windows7 64bit. Surprisingly, Google Chrome was set as default browser, which is not bad. I installed my favorite browser, Firefox. It didn’t work. Later, I found that Firefox issue on W7-64 is known. But in my case, IE didn’t run either. I could run IE only after I removed the Firefox installation.

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